Welcome to Appalachian Community Partners! This site exists to provide potential volunteers with information about volunteering with the Southern Appalachian Labor School. We want our volunteers to know what to expect, and how their time and effort will make a difference...a huge difference...in people's lives. If you are considering whether to volunteer or not, we hope that what you see here will convince you that you are needed. On this website, you will see what we do and how we do it, as well as information on how to volunteer.

In the Projects tab above, you can see the different ways that SALS provides homes and home improvements to eligible families. On the Accomodations tab, you will see our amenities for volunteers. On the Application tab, you can download the volunteer application to print from your computer. Feel free to browse the entire site!

Click here for the Southern Appalachian Labor School Website (SALS)

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